Crash Chronicles have the most complete store, buy the packages before they sold out.

Why do you need to buy?

When some of our heroes buy something from our store, the money is used to keep the server online and to make it more popular, keep you entertained.

What happens when Membership expire?

Since a Membership/Legendary is a one time fee, this means we don't have any monthly fees, reoccurring charges or automatic renewals. When your Membership/Legendary expires, you do have to renew your Membership/Legendary if you would still like access to Member benefits. Exclusive items remain in your inventory but cannot be accessed until the Membership/Legendary is renewed. Other exclusive content (storylines, areas, colored account name, achievements, events and etc..) are unavailable until the Membership/Legendary is renewed.

How do I get the bonus items with my upgrade?

Did you purchase an upgrade package where you were supposed to get special bonus items? To access your bonus item(s) please open your Book of Lore, click on the red banner for "Badges" and then click "Other Badges." Then select the badge for the item(s) you want to receive and click the shop to receive the item(s)."
Why you need play?
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Take your map, armor and swords, invite your guild and your friends to join our Discord server and play CChronicles...

*hey Sr.Raily why should I do this?*

Because joining our Discord we guarantee you a faster and more direct support to satisfy your doubts in the Help Channels. How about a voice channel for great communication between a World Boss battle, or ... or good Karaoke among the heroes of Crash Chronicles? Discover this bard inside you, a Warrior, a Paladin, a Knight and a Necromancer has a break for fun together sometimes. If you agree with me what are you waiting for? Join now our Discord.GG with others 6 heroes online.